BELLA is an approximately four year old half breed teckel. We found her walking around hopeless alonside the Cibin river. She was starving and had a sever lung infection. She had no energy left as if she had given up all hope. Now she is under treatment and living together with two other dogs that she loves much. She is very well-behaved and smart. Bella hopes that her life will turn around and she will enjoy a loving, warm home for the rest of her life.  Contact: 0040.743.370.747.



These three dogs were adopted by a big-hearted elderly woman who took good care of them and also loved them dearly. Unfortunately she passed away and the three dogs were left on their own once again. They are now living in a courtyard, but can not stay here much lonher. They are very friendly and playful and do not deserve to get back on the street.
Who can give them a new family? Tel: 0721157104

URSU and her pups


Ursu roamed the streets of Sibiu all summer long after she was abandoned. Fortunately her friendly and joyful character helped her make friends and get food. After the summer ended Ursu gave birth to five pups which she loved dearly. She made a home for them and tried to protect them. Unfortunately the people in the neighbourhood were not so happy about her and her five pups living in their apartment building. For this reason we had to take them all away and bring them to a safe place…but, the problem is that we can not keep her here for long. Animal Life will pay for food, deworming treatments, vaccines and neutering Ursu. We just need a warm place for this beautifu family. Contact: 0040.745601366.



NEGRU – a joyful dog with a sad life. We do not know what mistakes this young dog made, but they can not have been that bad… What we do know, is that this beautiful boy was found in front of an apartment building so skinny that you could see his ribs. Although he did not have too much energy left, he knew how to show his affection and joy to the person that was about to save him. His behaviour showed that he wanted something more out of life and that he deserved for a family to love him.  Now he is recovering slowly and enjoys all the moments he can spend beside people and other dogs. Negru wants to find a family he can call his own. Contact: 0040.741/188934.

Kittens looking for a home!


3 girls and one boy are looking for a home. These siblings were abandoned shortly after their birth and have been fed only by bottle. They all have blue-green eyes and are extremly friendly and loving. If you can adopt them, please call 0040.761343446. Thank you!



VIVI is a sweet, energetic and friendly dog. Even if she was born on the street, she thinks of herself as being a lucky dog: she is healthy, has a loving and caring mother, three siblings to play with all day long and also a guardian angel who took her off the street. Her luck will be complete the moment she will also have a home of her own. If you will protect and love her, she will return your feelings with affection and devotion, she will bright up your days and be by your side in good and bad times.

For adoption, please call 0040.721.157.104