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Today we have received new photos from Vulpița. She looks very happy in her new home in Germany. We thank everybody from Streunerhilfe International for helping us to find a new home for her.


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Today we celebrate two years since we have Lupine. This is why we wanted to share some photos with you.
You can see that she also likes to get dirty but she can also clean herself up by swimming in the lake.
We are all doing great. Last month little Lupine had to undergo surgery had she had a growth on her belly which turned out to be just a wart. Meanwhile she is healthy and happy again.
She loves kissing and being huged as she needs much affection.
Two years ago she still was very shy and scared of people and other dogs. Now she is extremly happy each time someone comes by. She shows this by kissing and toughing the person.



These three dogs were adopted by a big-hearted elderly woman who took good care of them and also loved them dearly. Unfortunately she passed away and the three dogs were left on their own once again. They are now living in a courtyard, but can not stay here much lonher. They are very friendly and playful and do not deserve to get back on the street.
Who can give them a new family? Tel: 0721157104



This is Rex. His mother was starving when she decided to follow a man through the entire town. She even got into and then of the bus trying to keep up with this man. Unfortunately he could not keep her, but wanted to help. Thus he started asking around hoping to find somebody willing to keep her… he was in luck as a kind lady fell in love with the little one.  This lady found out that the little one had a chip and an owner. But this person did not want her back nor did he want to keep the four pups he had in his back yard. One of this pups is Rex: a small bundle of love looking for a home. If you want to offer him all the things that he needs, please call 0040744509736.



Extremly brave, male, young foxterrier for adoption. Fox is a dog with plenty of energy, he barks at all things that cross his path and starts fights with other dogs. Fox needs a family that has as much energy and time to run and play with him.

Contact: 0741 / 188 934

Sookie – ADOPTED

Sookie - 01.12.13

06.10.2014: Sookie has been adopted in Germany. We thank Streunerhilfe International!