Cora was found on the fields, she was scared, starving and had a crushed paw. At first we thought that her paw will be amputated but the veterinarian recommended by Animal Life saved her paw, she received treatment and now she is fully recovered, joyful and very lovable. Cora is now two years old, spayed, medium-sized, very calm and obedient and wishes to find a loving human she can cheer up every day.. Tel.: 0721.157.104


Olli - ianuarie 2015

Olli is a small sized, three year old female dog. We don´t know her whole story, what we know is that she was captured by the dogcatchers and was on the deathlist. She is very friendly and loving towards humans, this is probably why she was caught that easy. We cannot understand how such a little, friendly, perfect apartment dog was to be killed. We assume she hasnt been fed for a few days in this place where she was to be euthanized, because she was very skinny and the first 2 weeks at my place she´d eat anything. Then she learned that the food is no problem anymore and stopped worrying about food all the time. She gained a little weight and her hernia on the belly was operated. Everything went well and she will go see the vet soon, she loves him too, by the way. She loves all humans, of all sizes and all sorts: men, children, women, they´re all awesome. But she loves hunting little animals: mice, ferrets, cats.
Olli is housebroken (I guess she learned that while living on the streets), if she´s in the apartment for a very long time, she´ll finally go, but ONLY on the pampers. Plus, as an experimented lady that she is, she´s teaching her four-leeged companion named Hera the good manners.
Now she´s waiting on the couch for her perfect family to call for her. She promises to behave well and be good, as only she knows how! Tel: 0040721.157.104


Peter - 01.15

Date of birth: 18.10.2014

Size: medium – big

Gender: masculine;

Little Peter was found end of November 2014 on the side of a road, at night, by our German friend, Tina. He was seen by a vet as soon as they arrived in Sibiu as he was freezing cold, more dead than alive. He had lots of medical issues: underfed, infested with fleas and with a bad Pneumonia, at the age of 6-8 weeks. After he recovered from Pneumonia, his feet started to deform due to acalcinosis and magnesium deficienca, this was also corrected in a few weeks. But then we needed to be strong again for little Peter, as he caught a very aggressive infectious disease. Peter is a fighter and showed us once again that he wants to live, so he survived all those infusions.
He has grown a lot and will be one of those big, cute guys. Because of all the health issues he´s been through, he was not allowed to be outside, so he doesn´t know how to walk on a leash outside. The cat is super interesting, he barks and barks and barks when seeing our old cat. Whenever new dogs come to visit, he´s a little cautious in the beginning but 30 minutes later, all dogs are playing througout the whole house. Children are awesome to Peter, they´re the best playing companions. He´s still trying to learn to do his “stuff” outside but the humans he´s living with work a lot, so he´s ALMOST managing to hit the pampers thing. Tel: 0040.721.157.104



Date of birth: 26.01.2011

Gender: female

Size: small

Yuli is a small, irresistible dog who loves life. She shows every day how grateful she is for being alive. Yuli is a friendly dog, who gets along well with other dogs and who loves humans. She is a joyful dog who loves to play.

Yuli promises to love her new family and bright up their lives. Tel: 0040.721.157.104.



Date of birth: 12.02.2012

Gender: male

Size: small

After having had a pretty hard life, where he had to experience cold and hunger, tiny Mures could learn, a short while ago, the meaning of a warm place to sleep and a delicious meal. Mures could start 2015 by making wishes for a better life and forgetting his horrible past.

Mureș is still shy, but this will change when he finds the loving family he needs. All he really needs is love and time. Mures is a curious and loving dog who hopes to get home soon.  Tel: 0040.721.157.104.



Date of birth: 3.10.2010

Gender: male

Size: small- middlesized

Little Juki is a loving and extremly friendly dog. Although he had a very hard life and bad people burned his nose at some point, this small-sized dog never lost his love for humans nor his joy of being alive. He is extremly happy about each new person he meets and always wants to be caressed. For more details, please contact 0040.721.157.104.