TARA – ad


Date of birth: 1.10.2014

Gender: female

Size: middle to big-sized

This sweet dog was abandoned in front of a restaurant on the Small Square in Sibiu shortly before Christmas. Unfortunately, she did not get her Christmas miracle and wasn’t adopted. But someone found her and the Animal Life team is taking care of her. Tara is an extremly friendly dog, who gets along well with other dogs and children. Tara is a little angel who hopes to get home soon. She will then have the chance to show her new family what an incredible dog she is. Contact: 0040741 / 188 934.

DORIS – Adopted


DORIS started her life by some garbage cans where she, her mom and her siblings had been abandoned. Now she has grown older, is approximately five months old and will be middle sized when she is fully grown. Doris is an energic dog who has much love to give. She is looking for home. Contact: 0040.721.157.104.



20.01.2015: GHITA thanks everyone who believed in his life force. With your help he can still enjoy a Sunday walk and he can enjoy a harmonious old age. He recovered very well after his treatment for Sticker sarcoma and he is as active as a puppy that is just discovering the world.
GHITA is still looking for a forever family. He is really not demanding, is pleased with every bit of attention you give him and enjoys walks very much.
For those who do not know, GHITA has his own facebook page where you can follow his most enjoyable activities.

November 2014: GHITA – when life is not fair at all
After everzthing our old friend had to go through, life decided to test him one more time! Yesterday, the vet said he is suffering from a tumor in the genital area. The diagnosis of STICKER SARCOM made us all burst into tears. GHITA needs treatment with  Vincristin as well as much strength and the desire to live.



Date of birth: 26.01.2011

Gender: female

Size: small

Yuli is a small, irresistible dog who loves life. She shows every day how grateful she is for being alive. Yuli is a friendly dog, who gets along well with other dogs and who loves humans. She is a joyful dog who loves to play.

Yuli promises to love her new family and bright up their lives. Tel: 0040.721.157.104.


Didi (7)

Date of birth: 11.08.2012

Size: small

Gender: female

Tiny Didi is a dog that has very much energy and amazing climbing abilities. She loves to play and to be caressed. In order to receive even the smallest sign of affection Didi is willing to do anything and puts on a show. She loves humans and gets along well with other dogs. 


Opie (3)

Date of birth: 12.08.2013

Gender: male

Size: small

Opie is a great dog, who has much love to offer. This little dog is very friendly and loves people and animals. Opie just wants to be loved and in return, he will be the best dog in the world.

In spite of his small size, Opie fears nothing. He is a brave dog, adapts easily to new places and wants to learn new things.