20.08.2014: Friend has arrived home. We wish him a great life with his new family.

8.07.2014: Because our favorite national sport is abandoning puppies, we are left no choice than to introduce FRIEND to you. He is a very playful and energetic approximately six months old puppy. He is friendly, loves human contact above everthing else and enjoys each Moment someone spends with him. When he is fully grown, he will be middle to big sized and will need a  garden he can play in!



20.08.2014: Veronica has found a home. We wish her a great life.

18.05.2014: Veronica was found roaming the streets all by herself. Unfortunately, we discovered she was suffering from the Sticker tumor, which is a transmissible venereal tumor. Now the pretty girl is under treatment and we hope she will get better soon. But for this, she needs not only medication but also much love. Veronica is a gentle and lovung dog.

ZARA is looking for a home!


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This sweet little thing was found by some railway tracks crying for her mom and siblings, who were no longer around. She had been abondoned a couple of days ago together with her family. Luckily, Mina was saved on time and she is so gratefull that she loves everybody, even her vet.



HELP! I am Blacky, a dog much bothered. I have about 10 years and I can not use my back legs, but still try to get moved, so I crawl always open wounds, some of them to the bone. It hurts much, but I want so much to run again! My story begins so: one cold and torrential rain day half a month ago, I was standing on the field without shelter, resignation and despair. A hearted lady saw me, she marveled and took me to the doctor, who found that I had been bitten and badly beaten by other larger dogs probably Caucasians in the area, which affected my nerves posterior paws. X-rays showed that I have two compacted vertebrae; in addition, a “good man” shot me with shots. In the early days, I devoured all the food which it was given to me,in the early days, I was afraid to go back where I came and I go hungry again for days. For six weeks I receive treatment, I’m neat, but I can not stay only on one side, which is why most of the time I’m brewed. I have made progress, but slow and the toughest part is that my benefactress can keep me for just a week because of her advanced pregnancy and because I’m pretty hard – about 20 kg. Therefore, please help me with a pram first, to be able to go (if you can donate or sell at a reasonable price) and please give me a home. I am so loving and my eyes begging caressing and I pick the head to the hand that caress me, I’m grateful, quiet and intelligent. My eyes are the most gentle and affectionate in the world! I get along well with dogs, cats. My savior can contribute with a certain amount each month. If you can help me (as quickly as possible to avoid being euthanized), you can find me at the No: 0728976098.



Hey dudes, trust me, you really have to meet me! I am an approximately five months old boy, have a long moustache and am delicious. I am full of life, could play and run around the clock and I always need to explore or discover new things to do. I will be middle sized when I am fully grown and I need somebody that will love me so much that he/she will not be able to imagine life without me! If you want to talk to me or visit me before deciding to adopt me, please contact my secretary at 0040.721.157.104.