This dog was abandoned two days ago. He has not moved ever since from that place hoping that his former owner will came back. Animal Life can cover the costs for food and medical treatment, but does not have a free place for this dog.



Sweet Pupi is approximately 8 or 9 months old and she was abandoned out in the field. A “kind person” tight her to a fance so that she could starve and be attacked by other dogs. Fortunately, little Pupi was found on time and could be saved.

This sweet dog now dreams of finding a place and a family of her own. She wishes to love them and get the same love in return. Contact: 0040.741.188.934.


Albina is approximately two years old and neutered. She is a beautiful, meek dog, but unfornutalely, being a stray, she gets beaten and abused. Albina needs a temporary home where  she can learn to socialize, but most importantly where she will be loved and cared for. Now, Albina has a very good friend: her moral support is Codita, a half-breed Bernese mountain dog. When Codita has to stay inside of his courtyard, Albina sits in front of the gate and waits for her best bud.

Help us give this beautiful dog the CHANCE for a better life!



We are looking for help to find a shelter and give the necessary treatment to the pups in these pictures. They were found by the side of a highway and their mother was dead. The young lady that took up all seven of them initially thought their mother had been in a car accident, but she then discovered that that was not the case, but something very cruel: she had been strangeled.  People who do this horrible things are never found. Help us help these pups recover from their trauma and find families to learn that not all people are monsters. Contact 0040.741 / 188 934.



It’s us…Chantis pups! We are three boys and one girl, approximately 1,5 months old and are tiny four-legged balls of joy. Now we are starting to discover the world around us; each blade of grass and each ray of sun are amazing to us!  The fact that we are still alive makes us want to find a place of our own where we can be loved and cared for. We will be small-sized when we are fully grown and we will be specialists in bringing smiles on peoples faces! Contact: 0040.746.562.625.



7.09.2014: Rex has found a loving family. We hope they will be happy together.

7.05.2014: I am Rex and I am 1 year old. So far I had to go throw much pain. Humans burned my nose, cut of a piece of my ear and then I got hit by a car. After the accident I was abandoned in a garden. I lost much weight because of the pain and also because I did not have food. One day a kind lady found me and took me into her home to care for me. Unfortunately, she cannot keep me as she has two more dogs.

I wish nothing more than to find a loving family. I am not aggressive ana love humans, cats and all dogs. Contact: 0721.157.104